Oldie but goodie.

«Σταμάτα να μιλάς συνέχεια για τα αρνητικά σου σημεία! Ας βρούμε τα θετικά σου!? … Σκέφτομαι … Σιγή … «Είμαι καλή» «Δεν είσαι καλή είσαι passive» «Ε…είδες?»   Advertisements

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Thank God

For Jordan Peterson. “Everybody acts out a myth, but very few people understand what it is. But you should know what your myth is because it may be a tragedy.” Jordan Peterson quoting Jung. Biblical Series I: Introduction to the idea of God @ 45.37  

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Mot du jour:

C-o-r-p-o-r-a-t-e P-s-y-c-h-o-p-a-t-h-s Apparently if you don’t like office politics (to term “corporate annihilation” lightly)  it’s  “because you’re not good at it. So you’ve made it out to be ‘wrong.’” Yeah…killing was allowed a few years ago. It was a matter of honor sometimes to kill. And the Spanish Inquisition was legitimate. Should we bring that back […]

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