Monday Existential Crisis

I find where I work to be a very violent place for me. It makes me physically sick just being there. Until I find my alternative however I need my pocket money.

So…here I am.

And  every time I am forced to deal with 10000 million different types of people, with different backgrounds, education levels, psychological issues, traumas from their childhood, domestic disturbances and so on and so on it feels like going out to the battle of Culloden circa 1746*.

Its bloody messy gory and disgusting and there are always casualties. It’s just that no one has to go around the company corridors at 5:30pm to pick up the corpses of the losers.

I also usually compare the corporate environment as the modern version of being an African slave in America, chained in your room with 150 other slaves and beaten up every morning before being sent out in the fields to pick cotton.

And now I am ready to take this thought a step further:

After corporal punishment corporate environments, the next thing that should be abolished is the system called: Family.


Who made this shit systems compulsory?

It’s like slavery and corporate environments but 100 times worse: Its abuse coming from people you actually have feelings for.

Now that honey is the bomb.

The next step after that is auto immune disease and then the human race can just go ahead and annihilate itself.

In any case everything ends.

So will our stint on this planet.

As you can imagine, it’s Monday, I am at work and I am considering auto-extinction as the only salvation from this stinky shit we put ourselves in


* The only reason I know battles like this one is the TV Series Outlander with the Hot Scot and the Sexy English woman and their super steamy sex scenes. SEE how tv can further historical knowlegde? And you just thought we were wasting our time. ts ts ts pfff


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